The locking life of Lil b

Brian "Lil b" Perez is a funk-style dancer dedicated to the locking lifestyle. Lil b began his locking journey back in his hometown San Francisco, California in 2007. In the previous years he has entered many battle competitions in California, Las Vegas, New York and Japan while also performing and teaching dance locally in the Bay Area. Lil b’s recent work include performing in music videos for NASCAR, the international artist: Nadia Ali, and becoming the Locking Champion of All The Way Live 2010. In the future he hopes to continue to travel around the world to spread the joy he finds in his passion for dance.

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View from work. #nyc #brooklyn

Finally had sometime to find the heaven of my 90’s childhood: #barcade. Played some Mappy, Asteroids, Marble Madness, Tapper(omg Budweiser ver), and Punchout :D. Top it all off with a beer cuz I got some lookers for my tapper play ;)

If I could change the world <3

Live funk cover of no diggity! #groovenyc

Groove NYC with a @tiffany_jimini_bong cameo! #caliinvadingnyc

It’s official ;). Celebrating my first two weeks at my new job in Brooklyn; Fuzz Productions. Got my personal business cards and first paycheck. Really enjoying this job on all fronts. From the responsibilities, company direction, cool coworkers, and and all the perks (I’m looking at you, Keg.) Soo thankful this NYC thing is working out.