The locking life of Lil b

Brian "Lil b" Perez is a funk-style dancer dedicated to the locking lifestyle. Lil b began his locking journey back in his hometown San Francisco, California in 2007. In the previous years he has entered many battle competitions in California, Las Vegas, New York and Japan while also performing and teaching dance locally in the Bay Area. Lil b’s recent work include performing in music videos for NASCAR, the international artist: Nadia Ali, and becoming the Locking Champion of All The Way Live 2010. In the future he hopes to continue to travel around the world to spread the joy he finds in his passion for dance.

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Happy Teachers Day!

If you know of any events, battles, workshop or performance opportunities please let me know!

In the words of Bboy Puzzles: “Eff it! We’re in Beijing!”

There’s a Lil’b NPC in WoW?!?! …must relog and find him..

Half of the teachers of CMA this term. Freaking @shockwave32wc posing during a meeting lol

This is where I’m teaching in #Beijing the next four months. It’s only been 2 days and I’m thrilled to be here. The students in my classes are so fun and talented. It’s crazy walking around and students coming up to say “Hi Teacher!!” It’s like I’m living in an asian drama based in a campus.